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Regrow Your Hair, Regain Your Confidence

Traditional methods of hair restoration are often associated with results that leave visible scarring, require an extensive recovery period, and may not even appear very natural. Thanks to new developments in hair restoration technology, however, getting a full head of hair (or simply thickening your existing hair) can now be accomplished more successfully through a minimally invasive procedure called the ARTAS® Robotic System. This innovative Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) treatment is designed to provide natural-looking results without the linear scar that is frequently the result of a hair transplant. Additionally, patients typically have much faster recovery times and can enjoy permanent results.

Dr. Robert Houser is extensively trained and experienced in performing FUE hair restoration with the ARTAS® Robotic System, ensuring an ideal outcome for men and women seeking to address thinning hair. In addition to providing patients with natural-looking results, FUE treatment can also help boost confidence and give individuals the freedom to style their hair however they like. To learn more about the various benefits offered by the ARTAS® Robotic System and discover if you are an ideal candidate, please contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with additional information, as well as assist you with scheduling a consultation with Dr. Houser for more personalized answers to your questions.

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The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration System

No Stitches, Staples, Pain, Or Scarring

The ARTAS® Robotic System uses advanced 3D technology that enables you to work closely with Dr. Houser to create an individualized treatment, including the planning of your desired hairline pattern and hair thickness (number of grafts). After hair from the donor area(s) has been harvested, the state-of-the-art system can map out a precise recipient site. This strategic and revolutionary process helps ensure that existing, healthy hair in the recipient area remains unharmed throughout the procedure. Furthermore, donor hair is harvested in a way that should protect continued future growth in the area, ultimately maintaining the natural appearance of the donor site. Based on the detailed recipient map and personalized treatment plan created with the ARTAS® Robotic System, Dr. Houser will then carefully transplant the donor hair to areas where hair loss has occurred.Following treatment, most patients are able to return to their daily activities within a day or two. Each patient’s hair growth rate will vary slightly, but on average, permanent hair growth begins approximately three months after the ARTAS® procedure, with the majority taking place between five and eight months after treatment. Final results are typically evident around ten months, and should not require retreatment to maintain.

Meet Dr. Robert S. Houser

Board-certified Plastic Surgeon And Ohio’s First And only Artas® Specialist

A native of Central Ohio, Dr. Robert Houser is a board-certified plastic surgeon and ARTAS® specialist who is dedicated to providing patients with safe, effective, and compassionate care. Through his extensive training and experience, he customizes treatment for each of his patients and only recommends procedures he believes will truly help them reach their personal aesthetic goals. Dr. Houser graduated from The Ohio State University, earned his medical degree at Ohio University, and served as Chief Resident at OSU in the last year of his plastic surgery residency. He has led his own private plastic surgery practice since 2003. Recognized by patients and peers alike, he has received various awards throughout the years for his outstanding service. Dr. Houser also maintains active membership in prestigious organizations such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).When considering hair restoration, finding a surgeon you are comfortable with and can trust is crucial. For the best possible outcome, Dr. Houser recommends conducting thorough research to find a skilled and experienced surgeon who has demonstrated an ability to consistently achieve natural-looking results. He suggests scheduling a consultation with the surgeon to learn more about their education and expertise, as well as view before-and-after photos of other patients they have treated. Ultimately, you should feel confident and at ease with the surgeon you select for your hair restoration treatment. If you would like to meet with Dr. Houser in a one-on-one consultation, please contact us today.

Real Patients, Real Results

Dr. Houser’s patients frequently report high levels of satisfaction with their hair restoration results. With the ARTAS® Robotic System, Dr. Houser has been able to help numerous men and women get thicker, fuller hair without conspicuous scarring or extensive recovery. This treatment has also been ideal for individuals who wish to revise and improve the outcome of a previous hair transplant. FUE hair restoration with the ARTAS® Robotic System has provided countless patients with the look they desire. Will you be next?

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"I had an awful strip surgery when I was younger. Comparing the ARTAS procedure to strip surgery is like comparing day and night; my experience was so much better and far more comfortable. I didn’t have to deal with any pain."
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